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Framestore Opens Regional Satellite With Arts University College Bournemouth

Oscar-winning visual effects house, Framestore, is embarking on a joint enterprise with Arts University College Bournemouth (AUCB) to create a regional outpost for visual effects preparatory work.

Press Release from Framestore

Oscar-winning visual effects house, Framestore, is embarking on a joint enterprise with Arts University College Bournemouth (AUCB) to create a regional outpost for visual effects preparatory work. The new studio launches on Wednesday 16th November 2011.

Framestore’s Bournemouth studio is being staffed by recent graduates who will receive training to undertake preparatory work for the wider company. The outpost will act as a support satellite for overflow work, providing tracking and paint/rotoscope work for large-scale visual effects briefs, such as feature films, in Framestore’s London HQ. The studio could also be used by Framestore’s additional offices in New York and Reykjavik.

The decision to establish a regional outpost on home turf was taken to ensure Framestore can remain cost-competitive in this area but the initiative also helps in bolstering the UK economy by supporting the domestic visual effects industry in two ways: firstly, by bucking the trend of outsourcing junior-end work to cheaper offshore markets; and secondly, by fostering a new generation of home-grown talent.

The studio, located in the Enterprise Pavillion on the campus of AUCB, has two suites and will be home to a total of 29 properly contracted and paid visual effects artists. The team comprises 26 graduate recruits specialising in tracking and paint/rotoscope and three leads (Jonathan Turner – studio manager, plus two experienced talents hailing from Framestore’s London base: senior matchmover, Phil Robinson, and senior paint/rotoscope artist, Scott Bourne).

Framestore’s head of production for film visual effects, Matt Fox, was one of the brains behind the Bournemouth studio. He came up with idea of setting up a regional satellite when it became apparent that, as need could exceed capacity in London, they would need to find outsource solutions.

“Partnering with AUCB was the ideal solution”, explains Matt Fox. “It’s the people that are key to this business, not the technology, and as we already recruit Bournemouth graduates it seemed an ideal place to pilot this initiative. Not only does the Bournemouth studio help us stay competitive, it has the invaluable ancillary benefits of helping with all-important recruitment, training and retention. By ensuring our work stays in the UK, we are nurturing the next generation of visual effects artists in a way that will help them to become ‘employment ready’ (and trained in Framestore workflow)."

Professor Jeffrey Baggott, dean of media and performance at AUCB, said: "Our partnership with Framestore greatly enhances the ability of our university to offer quality employment opportunities to our graduates. This groundbreaking initiative with one of Europe’s leading visual effects companies creates a new model for industry and education partnerships. It offers genuine benefits to both employers who are eager to identify and develop new talent in the creative industries and to education-seekers who want to develop meaningful and innovative relationships with industry"

All journalists are welcome to join Framestore at the official opening on Wednesday 16th November at 4pm. Please contact to organise invitations and transport.

Framestore is an Oscar-winning visual effects company and the UK’s leading authority on stereoscopic 3D. Framestore uses innovative talent and technology to create hi-end images for every platform. In addition to working for Hollywood studios, advertisers, ad agencies, production and gaming companies, Framestore also generates its own paid-for content: eg – VFX in Your Pocket and Polar Peril.

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