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Framestore Helps Dinos Go Wild In Volvic Spot

Framestore CFC, best known for their dino-myte creations for the BBC mini-series WALKING WITH DINOSAURS, was recently called upon to complete another prehistoric project, although this time not on such a large scale. In "Jog," the latest spot for Volvic water, conceived by agency WCRS and directed by Who? for Great Guns, a bored caveman chucks a rock at a sleeping Tyrannosaurus Rex, and a chase begins. The dinosaur pursues the caveman, who artfully dodges the jaws of the enraged beast until the T-Rex finally collapses face first in a river, exhausted. The caveman pauses for a swig of Volvic before resuming his workout by bopping three more dozing dinosaurs and running off as the spot closes with the tagline voice-over: "Volvic - fills you with volcanicity." The dinosaur co-stars were created by Framestore CFC's CGI commercials team. And while the company has successfully created hundreds of dinosaurs for past projects (including the recent Emmy nominated mini-series WALKING WITH BEASTS and DINOTOPIA), CGI supervisor Andrew Daffy resisted the temptation to become blasé about creating yet another fantastic reptile. "Directors always say to you, quite rightly, 'I want the best dinosaur you've ever made,' so you're always striving to outdo yourself," Daffy explained. "But 'Jog' gave us the opportunity to do something we've not really attempted before. I wanted a T-Rex that had lived a bit, one that was a bit grittier and scraggier, one with a bit of blood and a few scars on him." Eight weeks of post time gave Daffy the space he needed to add the extra details and gave Inferno artist Stephane Allender time to perfect his contributions, which included sky replacements, four matte paintings and all the volcanoes and smoke.