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FrameForge 3D Studio Previs Available for Mac OS

San Diego, California-based Innoventive Software LLC announced immediate availability of their dual-OS CD Windows/Macintosh version of FrameForge 3D Studio, the first 3D previsualization storyboard software with real-world multi-camera control. This cutting edge software provides a new way for directors, filmmakers and other creatives to explore, plan and display visual design ideas for presentation or shooting live on set. A new, optional Crime & Justice Expansion Pack that augments the program's actors and props for those genres is also available. This new version of Frame Forge 3D offers numerous speed and feature improvements. Introductory retail price is $249 through April 16, 2004 -- a $100 savings off the suggested retail price of $349 direct from Innoventive Software at or from resellers worldwide.

Previously registered users of the Windows version can upgrade to the dual-OS CD for a $17 shipping and handling charge by contacting

The Crime & Justice Expansion Pack contains 70-plus new 3D storyboard objects, including men and women of three races dressed as policemen and SWAT officers with a variety of headgear and accoutrements, assault vests, night vision goggles, camouflage fatigues, etc. The Expansion Pack also includes a police car, police motorcycle, SWAT van and props for lawyers, reporters, judges and courtrooms, as well as security-related props such as safes, security cameras, keypads and Secret Service style earpieces. Further included is a building suitable for a courtroom or police station and three new ready-made sets: Courtroom, Jail Block and Police Bullpen.

The Crime & Justice Expansion Pack is sold both as a download (40MB) and on dual-OS CD for $79. It is also available from Innoventive Software,

FrameForge 3D provides a dynamic "directorial" experience by giving its user the ability to position numerous virtual cameras anywhere in a drag-and-drop 3D virtual film set. FF3D ships armed with an array of fully articulated actors, hills, trees, outdoor locations, vehicles, snap-together walls, furniture, and other elements to depict scenes. Storyboard frames created with FrameForge 3D offer cast, crew, producer or customer a comprehensive representation of the director's visual intentions. This includes the pictographic and technical information required to set up the shot on location. Storyboard frames can be associated with parts of an imported script, played as a slideshow, exported to standard graphics files, HTML pages or turned into a Macromedia Flash animation.

Succinctly, recorded storyboard frames include the following essential production components:* The pictorial image of the shot as seen by the designated camera;* A complete 2D, top-down blueprint view of all set elements including camera position;* The camera settings (Height, Angle of View and Focal Length) required for shot setup.

The FrameForge 3D "Control Room" is where sets are built, cameras placed, and frames are recorded for the storyboard. The Control Room is designed to simulate a television control room with a row of monitors displaying up to eight individually placed cameras on the set. The use of real-world camera controls makes framing shots a natural creative process of exploration for filmmakers far beyond rendering a sketch or stick figure diagram. Work with any object and camera or use the overhead, 2D Blueprint View for accurate construction, placement and arrangement of set elements in the active work window.

Other features include:* Pre-set frames for standard film sizes (16 to 70mm) or customize your own;* Real-world camera controls of Pan/Tilt, Dolly, Zoom and Crane;* Real-world camera information (Height, Angle of View and Focal Length);* Pre-set relationships that cause actors and props to interact or assume real-life positions;* Pre-made sets included or downloaded from;* Building Block elements that can be stretched and scaled to create new objects;* Importing of .3ds, .obj and .wrl files (Windows currently, Macintosh soon);* Importing of scripts from script processing programs Movie Magic Screenwriter 2000, Final Draft and Final Draft AV (Windows currently, Macintosh soon).

Downloadable demo available at

System Requirements:Windows:Windows 95 or laterXP Theme enabledPentium III 350Mhz128 MB RAM (256 MB recommended)65 MB hard disk space

Macintosh:Mac OS XSystem 9.1 or laterG3 processor 500 MHz or higher256 MB RAM minimum65 MB hard disk space

The team behind Innoventive Software has previously developed other software programs, including Movie Magic Screenwriter 2000, ScriptThing, Power Structure, Power Writer and Power Tracker.