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Fox's Brain New VP Of Production At Stan Lee Media

STEPHEN L. BRAIN, former senior VP and general manager at Fox Animation

Studios has joined STAN LEE MEDIA, INC. as their new executive VP of

Production. In his new post, Brain will create Stan Lee Media's new digital

animation studio dedicated to developing Internet entertainment. Brain will

supervise the production team of storyboard artists, digital artists and

Flash animators as well as increasing Stan Lee's roster of 50 artists to

100 artists within the next 90 days. Beginning his career in 1977, Brain

worked as an assistant to Glen Larson at Universal Studios. Several years

later, he became an associate producer at NBC. In 1981, Brain became an

executive at Financial Network News, which he co-created. In 1991, Brain

joined Silver Pictures at Warner Bros. where he was eventually promoted to

executive VP with responsibility for day-to-day operations.

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