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Fox & Universal Hang Hat on Halo

20th Century Fox and Universal Pictures have taken the bid from Microsoft to produce a feature film adaptation of videogame HALO, reports VARIETY. The final details are still being hammered out, but for certain Universal will handle domestic rights with Fox taking international.

The bidding for the project started on Monday when Microsoft and its agent CAA sent a HALO dressed messenger to various studios with the script. To ensure confidentiality, the messengers stayed until the chosen execs had finished with the screenplay and then took the copies with them. Microsoft paid 28 DAYS LATER scribe Alex Garland $1 million to pen the script.

Microsofts terms include $10 million against 15% of the gross.

The $600 million franchise tells the story of superwarrior Master Chief as he protects the world against an invading alien race known as the Covenant. The first game marooned Master Chief and a squad of Marines on an ancient ring world called Halo 04, where they defeat the aliens by blowing up the planet. HALO 2 expanded the storyline to include both the human and the Covenant view of the war.

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