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Fox Sues Marvel Over Use Of Mutant X

A court issued an injunction in favor of 20th Century Fox against Marvel, Tribune and Fireworks, preventing them from violating Fox's rights in its X-MEN movie. Moreover, the court also held that Fox can go to trial to recover monetary damages from Marvel and Tribune's use of MUTANT X as the title of their new television series, as well as a permanent injunction on the title of the series. The court said Fox "demonstrated a clear likelihood of success for a claim of breach of contract grounded in (the) use of the MUTANT X name as the title of the proposed series." In the suit, Fox forced the creators of MUTANT X to change the content of their series, including the logo used to sell the series. Marvel's defense was that the television series rights were not "frozen" by the parties' deal regarding the X-MEN feature franchise.

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