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Fox sets release date for X-MEN

Twentieth Century Fox has announced that X-MEN, the live-action film adaptation of the Marvel comic books about mutant superheroes which promises to be visual effects heavy, will be released on June 30, 2000. UNCANNY X-MEN #1, by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, appeared in 1963, but the series was not popular until it was revamped by Chris Claremont and Dave Cockrum in 1975. Since then it has spawned many spinoffs, and is probably the most popular US comic book series of the last twenty years. According to publicity, X-Men comics have sold more than 400 million copies, making it the most successful comic book property ever. The comic books previously provided the basis for the popular television series of the early 1990s. The film will be directed by Bryan Singer (THE USUAL SUSPECTS), and the cast currently includes: Ian McKellen (GODS AND MONSTERS) as villain Magneto; Patrick Stewart (STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION) as Professor X; Dougray Scott (MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE 2) as Wolverine; Anna Paquin (THE PIANO) as Rogue; Famke Janssen (GOLDENEYE) as Jean Grey; and Halle Berry (BULWORTH) who will portray Storm. Ray Park (Darth Maul in STAR WARS: EPISODE 1 - THE PHANTOM MENACE), Rebecca Romijn-Stamos and wrestler Tyler Mane will portray Magneto's cohorts.