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Fox Loses Interest in Icebox's Zombie College

It appears that Iceboxs announcement of a deal with Fox to take on their Webtoon ZOMBIE COLLEGE was premature and ill-timed. As AWN reported on November 29, Icebox announced that it had signed a deal with Fox to have FUTURAMA writer-producer Eric Kaplan draft a pilot script for a live-action rendition of the Webtoon ZOMBIE COLLEGE. If the pilot had been picked up the Internet company would have been able to claim executive producing fees. However, Fox is now reported to be miffed at Icebox for several reasons. Primarily because the Internet company made a huge deal over the news to soften their other two simultaneous announcements -- a restructuring that is going to lay off half of their staff of 100 and that they are being sued by WireBreak over non-payment for TWISTED: A COMEDY GAME SHOW. Apparently, Fox didnt appreciate being used in this way and wasnt prepared for the flurry of interest that follows any project that makes the leap from the Internet to the small screen. Furthermore, perhaps the Netcaster treaded into even more dangerous climes when it claimed to have secured the deal, as now it is unclear as to whether or not Fox ever truly inked the pact. Either way, the subsequent negative media surrounding Icebox's handling of the situation will probably leave them out in the cold. Currently the Web company is developing a live-action series for Showtime, based on its toon STARSHIP REGULARS.

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