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Fox Kids Adds New Animated Series To 2001-2002 Season

Fox Kids Network announced on March 28 their lineup of new and returning series to their Saturday morning and weekday afternoon programming schedule. The new Fox Kids series include EVOLUTION, based on Ivan Reitman's soon-to-be-released feature film of the same name, with 26 episodes produced by DIC Entertainment; OUTER DIMENSION, a live-action series with CGI elements, about a young boy on a quest to unite the Outer Dimension with Earth before evil forces brainwash species and destroy worlds, with 26 episodes produced by Tom Lynch Company; THE RIPPING FRIENDS, from John Kricfalusi, creator of REN & STIMPY, featuring Crag, Rip, Slab and Chunk as four manly super-heroes whose mission is to rip anything that stands in the way of freedom and goodness, with 13 episodes produced by Spumco, Inc. and Cambium Entertainment; SHINZO, an anime series in which mutants rule the world and the last surviving human, along with a few good mutants, must save mankind from extinction, with 30 episodes produced by Saban Entertainment; TRANSFORMERS: ROBOTS IN DISGUISE, an anime series featuring Cyber robots who must save the Earth by destroying their nemesis, with 39 episodes produced by Asatsu; and WHAT'S WITH ANDY, about a boy trying to be the world's greatest practical joker whose mischievous antics often backfire, with 26 episodes produces by CineGroupe. The network, in conjunction with Saban Entertainment, also is currently developing TAE KWON DOS, an animated adventure following Rang-E, Dani and Poomi, three normal kids who do normal things, go to school, watch TV and fight monsters. In addition, slated for return are the anime series DIGIMON: DIGITAL MONSTERS and WOODY WOODPECKER. According to Maureen Smith, president of Fox Kids Network and Fox Family Channel, "In an incredibly competitive kids market, Fox Kids has maintained a strong presence as the No. 1 destination for action, adventure and prankster comedy. With our recent win of the February Sweep, and upcoming slate of diverse animated and live-action series, it's evident that Fox Kids continues as a leader in children's programming."