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Fox Hires New Scribe for X3

20th Century Fox and Marvel Studios have hired Simon Kinberg to write the script for X3, reports HOLLYWOOD REPORTER. The deal will earn the writer a high-six-against-seven-figure sum. Kinberg isnt new to comic book inspired features having done rewrites on ELEKTRA and FANTASTIC FOUR. Details of the plot have not been announced.

"I'm a religious reader of the (X-MEN) comics, and I loved the first two movies," Kinberg said. "I had a great experience with Fox and Marvel on the other projects, and when they came to me and asked me if I had any interest in X3, I was ecstatic. I grew up on them, and I love these comics, and it's exciting to take a whack at making the third the biggest and best in the trilogy; it's our RETURN OF THE KING."

Lauren Shuler Donner and Marvel's Avi Arad will produce. The studios are still looking for a director after helmer of the first two films Bryan Singer moved to Warner Bros. to direct the next SUPERMAN flick.

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