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Fox Family Needs New Head

Fox Family Channel will be shopping for a new head now that president

and CEO Rich Cronin has stepped down from his post. Awaiting the

announcement of Cronin's replacement, programming and marketing

decisions will go through exec VP and Fox Kids general manager

Maureen Smith. Before coming to Fox Family from Viacom, Cronin was

locked up in a breach of contract suit with his former employers.

Once clear of his Viacom commitment, Cronin took Fox Family's reins

right before the channel's relaunch in August of 1997. Despite

successfully developing the hit series HIGHER GROUND, Cronin has been

shackled by a contractual agreement with network owner evangelist Pat

Robertson to air the 90-minute 700 CLUB, which has a very narrow

viewer base. However, even with a US$500 million budget to produce

original series and specials, the TV veteran couldn't breathe any

enthusiasm into the low-rating kidscaster. While at Viacom, Cronin

made his mark developing Nick at Night's TV Land and solidifying

Nickelodeon as a top cable competitor.

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