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Fox Channel Season Premieres!

With the U.S.s baseball World Series over, Fox is ready to premiere the new seasons of its animated series. Look for the season premiere of THE FAMILY GUY on Thursday, November 8th at 8:00 pm, followed by the series premiere of THE TICK, a live-action sitcom based on Ben Edlund's cult comic book. Then on Sunday, November 11th beginning at 7:30 pm KING OF THE HILL kicks off its sixth season followed by the season premiere of Emmy-award winner THE SIMPSONS. Dont worry, FUTURAMA will stay in its Sunday at 7:00 pm time slot, but youll have to wait until December 9th to see the all new episodes.

Deborah Reber interviewed Ben Edlund about the evolution of everyone's favorite blue superhero in 1997. Revisit Tick Fever Endures.