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Fox and Vivendi Team Up in Game Publishing Deal

In a three-year worldwide agreement announced on May 2, 2001, Fox Interactive granted Vivendi Universal Publishing (VU Publishing) the exclusive rights to manufacture, market and distribute key titles for PC and next-generation console platforms. Under the agreement, VU Publishing's Sierra studio will co-publish the following action/adventure titles: ALIENS VS. PREDATOR 2, where species battle species for the ultimate game of survival; COPS, based on one of Fox's most watched reality-based programs; DIE HARD: NAKATOMI PLAZA, which combines elements of the original DIE HARD movie in an action/adventure game set in the 3D environment of Nakatomi Plaza; DIE HARD: NEXT GENERATION, a game with an original DIE HARD storyline currently being developed for the Nintendo GameCube; NO ONE LIVES FOREVER, now being developed for the PlayStation 2, a prequel to the current PC game title; and NO ONE LIVES FOREVER: THE SEQUEL, a sequel with planned development for multiple platforms including PC and next generation consoles. According to the companies, the addition of the Fox Interactive titles complements VU Publishing's roster of best-selling franchises, which includes Sierra's HALF-LIFE, TRIBES AND HOYLE; Blizzard Entertainment's DIABLO and WARCRAFT; and Universal Interactive Studios' SPYRO THE DRAGON and CRASH BANDICOOT. "This is a very significant alliance because it involves the collaborative strengths of two industry giants," said Luc Vanhal, CEO, Vivendi Universal Interactive Publishing North America. "Combining Fox Interactive's award-winning titles with the power of Vivendi Universal Publishing's worldwide sales and marketing represents a terrific opportunity for both companies and great news for gamers." According to Steven Bersch, president, Fox Interactive, "This deal represents Fox Interactive's first major alliance since announcing our intent to co-publish earlier this year. I am pleased to partner with Vivendi Universal Publishing, and look forward to leveraging their sales and distribution strengths to best offer our titles to game enthusiasts around the world." The first joint titles, ALIENS VS. PREDATOR 2, DIE HARD: NAKATOMI PLAZA and NO ONE LIVES FOREVER (PS2) are expected to ship in the fourth quarter of 2001.