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Four New Licensing Deals For Belgium's Studio100 From MIPTV

Belgian Studio100 has finalized several deals this week at MIPTV. They include:


Amberwood Productions announced it has concluded a co-production agreement with Belgium's Studio100 on a new animated series, SUPER MEGA HYPER PETS.

Produced entirely in HD, the 2D digitally animated action comedy series of 26 half hour episodes (52x11) is targeted at 4 to 6 year olds.

SUPER MEGA HYPER PETS follows the adventures of 8-year-old Timmy Jones and his three pets: Spike, Fuzzy and Julius. Ordinary looking to most, this heroic threesome each possess a powerful ability along with a special suit and a kick-butt vehicle that combine to form the world's most dynamic tool in protecting everyday life.


Studio100 and the in-house CBeebies production team announced they will co-produce the first ever pre-school quiz show, KERWHIZZ, for the CBeebies channel.

KERWHIZZ is executive produced by Alison Stewart for CBeebies in-house and Stephen Cannon is the producer. The show was designed with the assistance of teachers and a specialist education advisor, to test the teams and the viewer.

Visually stunning and produced entirely in HD, this ground breaking, multi platform entertainment format includes online and podcast versions (26x22) and is targeted at 4 to 6 year olds.

KERWHIZZ will be ready for delivery in fall 2008, with distribution of the new series shared between the co-production partners.

Kay Benbow, Head of CBeebies Production, Animation and Acquisitions, said: "KERWHIZZ is a fantastic multi platform offering. Children love quizzes, and I am thrilled that we are making the first interactive quiz show designed for younger viewers".

Three teams of CG characters compete to answer questions that will give them add-ons or 'pod-mods' for their high tech racing machines that can help them to win a race against their opponents.

The children watching are drawn into the action at every step of the game, answering questions, making predictions about the race and advising contestants when to use their 'pod mods.'

The races can take place in any of 26 different CG worlds that reflect a range of environments from the fantastical to the historical.

Firing the questions and commentating on the race is the live action Kerwhizzitor.

The online game will reflect the show, with a brand new set of questions to answer and specially created races for the users to enjoy.


Leading national broadcaster Turkish Radio Television Corporation (TRT) and Studio100 Media announced today that they have signed an agreement for BIG AND SMALL a brand new puppetry series.

BIG AND SMALL is produced by Kindle Entertainment for the BBC, in association with 3J's Entertainment, Studio100 (Belgium), YTV and now TRT.

The 52x11 series is currently in production and scheduled for delivery in fall 2008. Studio100 Media will be distributing the worldwide rights to the series (except for U.K. and Canada).

Targeted at pre-schoolers aged 3 to 6 years, BIG AND SMALL is an exciting, funny, imaginative and unpredictable puppetry series poised to captivate audiences worldwide with its key elements of story, song and audience participation.

BIG AND SMALL was originally created by Steven Andrew and Josh Selig, designed by Paul Andrecjo, written by three time-Emmy-Award winning writer and editor Kathy Waugh and executive produced by Anne Brogan (executive producer for TELETUBBIES and POCOYO).


Studio100 Media (subsidiary of Studio100) have signed an agreement with Dutch production company J.F.A. Productions B.V. part of the Herman van Veen Studios Group.

Under the terms of the agreement, Studio100 Media will handle the distribution in Asia of the popular children's animation series ALFRED JODOCUS KWAK. The agreement encompasses distribution of TV and DVD rights.

Based on a Dutch theater show by singer and songwriter Herman van Veen and illustrated by Harald Siepermann (Disney character designer for BROTHER BEAR and MULAN) and Hans Bacher, ALFRED JODOCUS KWAK (52x26) was first produced in 1989 and 1990 in Japan and televised in the Netherlands, Germany and Japan.

Alfred Jodocus Kwak is a brave, curious and cheerful orphan duck who grows up in the care of a mole. His mission is to communicate in an educational and entertaining way, through heart-warming stories, awareness and responsibility of people's behavior in relation to their surroundings and environment. He ebbs between the world as it is, how it could be and is desperate for answers to his never-ending questions.