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Former Discreet Computer Team Auctions Itself On eBay

After losing their jobs at Discreet in England because of outsourcing, a team of computer gurus who worked on THE LAST SAMURAI, THE MATRIX and MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE have auctioned their services off on eBay, Britains GUARDIAN reported on Wednesday.

Gus Grubba and his team of 12 developers only found out about their impending job losses when they discovered their posts were being advertised on Discreets Website.

"We've been like a family for more than a decade so we are focusing our energies on keeping our team intact," the team says in its eBay ad.

"Now you have the opportunity to negotiate a contract with the most cohesive and passionate people in the industry."

The winning bid, currently running at $530 (£290), merely gives the bidder the right to discuss a contract with the team.

However, all the proceeds of the auction are being donated to the George Lucas Educational Foundation.