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Foremost Student Animation Festival - SAFO Beckons!

* Thursday, October 18 Sunday, October 21, 2001. Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Entry Deadline: July 1, 2001

SAFO is a student animation festival that not only provides a showcase for filmmakers and animation schools, but also provides emerging animators, through professional development workshops, with the creative and industrial tools needed to survive in the animation industry. Furthermore, through the Animarket Trade Fair, SAFO has created an intimate recruitment and promotional venue for schools, studios and software companies. In addition, like the Ottawa International Animation Festival, SAFO features workshops, retrospective screenings, a trade fair and an Animator's Cafe (or Chez-Ani). The international jury will be comprised of: Phil Mulloy, animator (U.K.), Koji Yamamura, animator (Japan), Richard Meltzer, writer and critic (U.S.A.), and Annick Teninge, Animation World Network, (U.S.A.). This year's special screenings include tributes to Phil Mulloy, Koji Yamamura, Bolex Brothers and Olive Jar Animation. Other programmes include: "Sailing to Sicily," a look at interpretations of hell; a gay and lesbian animation panorama; and a celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Ottawa International Animation Festival. New to this year's festival is International Student Panoramas, highlighting the wide array of animation being produced by an assortment of schools, and the Teachers' Symposium, which will address the problems of dealing with new technologies like animation for the Internet and various approaches and challenges facing animation historians. For more information contact: 2 Daly Ave., Ottawa, Ontario K1N 6E2, Canada; Tel.: 613.232.8769; Fax: 613.232.6315; E-mail:; and Web:

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