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Ford to Star in Iraq War Drama

Harrison Ford is set to star in the feature film version of the forthcoming Iraq War book, NO TRUE GLORY: THE BATTLE FOR FALLUJAH, reports VARIETY. Universal-based Double Feature partners Michael Shamberg and Stacey Sher have optioned the book, which will be published by Bantam in May. Carla Santos Shamberg will produce with Shamberg and Sher.

Bing West, an ex-Marine and former assistant secretary of defense for international security affairs who now covers the Iraq war as a foreign correspondent, and his son Owen, a veteran Marine rifleman who become a trader at Goldman Sachs then returned to service to fight in Iraq, wrote the story, which shows the Fallujah assault from the point of view of soldiers, military leaders and politicians.

After four Americans were mutilated and hanged in Fallujah, the White House ordered an assault on the city led by Gen. Jim Mattis (Ford). Marine forces overwhelmed the insurgents, but where abruptly ordered to stop by the White House only two days away from controlling the city. 28 soldiers died in the first assault and an additional 50 deaths occurred after the White House ordered a second attack on Fallujah soon after the presidential election.

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