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Focal Press Releases 'Face It' Character Modeling Book

Focal Press releases “Face It,” an exploration of human character modeling and animation by Patricia Beckmann-Wells and Senior Character Artist Scott Wells.

As animation software becomes more advanced and graphics become more refined, the opportunity to create informative detail becomes more achievable in your characters. You can't give every character the same facial contours anymore. Today's graphic engines and hi-definition screens enhance detail, and the features in your character can make or break the believability of your game or movie.

Face It provides you with the resources that you need to ensure an accurate character model. By examining the skulls of people of different ages, ethnicities, and geographical areas, authors Patricia Beckmann-Wells and Scott Wells showcase the intricacies of the human head and face, and show you how to apply that to your models. Whether it be a Caucasian woman in her fifties or an African man in his late twenties, you'll know how to properly shape a forehead, an eye socket, and even cheekbones to ensure 100 percent accuracy of your 3D character.

Face It is written by Bunsella Studios founder Patricia Beckmann-Wells, a former head of training and artist development at both DreamWorks SKG and Walt Disney Feature Animation studios, and senior character artist Scott Wells.

Featuring a large collection of reference images on human anatomy and its application to fine and digital arts, Face It is centered on anatomy as it applies to ethnic diversity in the human race. Topics include anatomy of the human skull, ears, eyes, nose and mouth, the maturation process of the human head and features, and ethnic variations of the male and female human head and features, as well as tutorials for creating skin wrinkles in 3D software, constructing the human head and features in clay, and much more.

Source: Focal Press

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