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FMX 2012 Speakers Confirmed

Speakers have been confirmed for FMX 2012: 17th Conference on Animation, Effects, Games and Transmedia.

Press release from FMX:

FMX 2012 - 17th Conference on Animation, Effects, Games and Transmedia

May 8-11, Stuttgart, Germany

While winter continues, the FMX program is already beginning to blossom. New speakers confirm their attendance, and further exciting presentations and screenings fill desks and desktops at the FMX house. Just to give you an impression of the fantastic specialist crowd currently gathering at FMX: The internationally renowned media scholar and Transmedia pioneer Prof. Henry Jenkins has already confirmed his coming! What's more, we're happy to announce that Autodesk is now the first official Main Partner of this year's exciting FMX.

About, around and Transmedia FMX loves to break new ground. With its interdisciplinary focus on the convergence of film, TV, computers, consoles and mobile devices, Transmedia has whole lot of new discoveries to offer. Curated by Inga von Staden, this year's track features renowned speakers such as Prof. Henry Jenkins who ranks among the most important Transmedia scholars or Nuno Bernardo, the award-winning writer, producer and founder of beActive. At FMX Henry Jenkins will give an exciting overview over the expansive topic including some of his own research topics and results that have already turned into Transmedia classics. Get your hands on theory: Nuno Bernardo will provide the FMX audience with practical insights on Transmedia production pipelines such as his very own interactive on-line series Sofia's Diary -- the first international series of its kind.

Up in the air: Cloud Computing

FMX doesn't have its head in the clouds -- on the contrary. Cloud Computing promises huge practical benefits by enabling shared remote computing resources and lowering the barrier of entry to high-performance computing. But what does that mean for animation and visual effects production? We're going to find out as FMX will feature a series of sessions on this very timely topic. Curated by Ludwig von Reiche, Senior Director for Business Development of NVIDIA, this track will explore current offerings of Cloud Computing and their relevance to animation, games and visual effects production. Users and vendors will discuss advantages and challenges for different application areas as well as upcoming trends in Cloud Computing technologies and business models. FMX clearly keeps its feet on the ground.

Focus on Canada, Poland and the Baltics

Proud to be international: FMX still focuses on Montreal and Vancouver, but it continues to broaden its horizon: As Eastern Europe slowly but surely turns into an exciting new region for animation and VFX, this year's FMX presents a Focus on Poland and the Baltics. These tracks will both explore current local developments, trends and their differences and similarities with other regions. What's more, the Poland track will feature a presentation of Marek Koterski's film Baby sa jakies inne executed by the post-production house The Chimney Pot.

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