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fix8 Rolls Out AuditionsTV

fix8, which recently introduced User-Generated Reality, a new media category that all started with its free downloadable software combining video, animation and Instant Messaging, unveiled AuditionsTV, a platform for broadcasting high quality, realtime media to support interactive TV. Shanghai Media Group will offer interactive TV programming based on the fix8 platform for youth markets across Shanghai cable networks.

Designed for broadcast quality output, the software allows producers to select media content from thousands of users on the Internet and integrate it into LIVE or produced TV programming.

"Studies show that TV is losing viewers to the Internet," said fix8 ceo, Linh Duy Tang. "AuditionsTV will bridge the gap by integrating TV, Internet and mobile technologies for audience participation across reality, talk, game and dating shows."

AuditionsTV is currently being used on Shanghai Media Group's popular midnight talk show, STAY WITH YOU TILL DAWN. The fix8 platform enhances visual effects and audience interactivity. Shown on Channel Young, a lifestyle and fashion channel, STAY WITH YOU is the first UGC (User-Generated Content) program in China.

Shanghai Media Group (SMG) will also use AuditionsTV to offer interactive content on IN STAR TV, an MTV-like Music Channel targeting high school students and youth markets across Shanghai. fix8 will allow viewers to record funny video clips, which will be used to create a special subprogram within the show to air every weekend.

"This is the first time that TV audiences and Internet users come together to express their creativities LIVE by both video and audio streaming," said Wang Huaqin, exec producer, SMG.

Shanghai Interactive TV (SiTV), a member of SMG, will soon introduce a new interactive TV program based on AuditionsTV. Viewers will participate in realtime from the Internet across various formats including talk shows, talent contests, games, shopping and auctions. The show will air on SiTV's Game Channel.

"Our network, fueled by demand for user-generated content, is the perfect venue for exploring all of the possibilities fix8 has to offer," said Chen Ling, director of creative production, programming department, SiTV.

fix8 will soon expand AuditionsTV to support an even wider variety of interactive TV (iTV) applications including Role Playing Games (RPGs), TV Blogs, TV Podcasts, TV Karaoke and TV Communities.

"fix8 is taking iTV to a new level. Today, viewers want to applaud everyday people in the spotlight. fix8 allows them to take the stage from home, work or the street. Imagine the way fix8 will change TV auditions and talent searches," added Tang.

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