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Five New Series Get in Adult Swim Schedule

Cartoon Network announced five new series to join the Adult Swim block in September and October 2005, new seasons and greenlights of existing series, airdates for previously announced series and pilots in production during its upfront presentation to advertisers in New York City.

Previously announced series include THE BOONDOCKS, based on the award-winning comic strip from series executive producer Aaron McGruder, will premiere in October. Cartoon Network has ordered 15 half-hour episodes of the provocative family-based comedy brimming with social relevance and satire. McGruder and partner Reggie Hudlin steer the show that humorously takes on cultural and political issues, through the eyes of Huey, an African-American, 10-year-old left wing revolutionary, determined not to enjoy the affluence of suburbia, and his 8-year-old brother, Riley, a proud product of contemporary rap culture, under the legal guardianship of When Robert Granddad Freeman, their eccentric grandfather who would just like to live quietly on the south side of Chicago. The series is produced by Rebel Base and Hudlin Ent. in association with Sony Pictures Television.

Another new one is STROKER AND HOOP, about a wannabe detective named John Stroker, his naive gung-ho partner Hoop and their early model back-talking hatchback car named C.A.R.R. Stroker is willing to help anyone dumb enough to respond to his tiny ad in the yellow pages. Help is never more than a phone call away unless Stroker is really hungover or CARR gets them incredibly lost downtown. Stroker & Hoop don't always solve the case, but they do get to sleep late, drive fast and shoot guns for a living. This new Williams St. series from creators Casper Kelly and Jeff Olsen will premiere in September. STROKER & HOOP makes its series debut with six new episodes with an addition six to air in November.

Seth McFarlanes AMERICAN DAD begins the weekly half-hour adventures in May of Stan Smith (MacFarlane), a CIA agent based in Langley Falls, Virginia; trying to protect his country against terrorist and is a proud family man. Stans wife is the sweet, Edith Bunker-esque FRANCINE (Wendy Schaal), who hides her party-girl personality for the sake of the conservative man she married. Stan butts heads with his ultra-liberal, 18-year-old daughter, Hayley (Rachael MacFarlane) while Hayleys 13-year-old brother Steve (Scott Grimes) is a geeky a kid who seems to be on the verge of puberty, but caught in its squeaky awkwardness. Unconventional members of the household are Roger (MacFarlane), the sarcastic space alien Stan rescued from Area 51 who lives in the Smiths attic; and Klaus (Dee Bradley Baker), a lascivious, German-speaking goldfish the result of a CIA experiment gone seriously wrong.

SQUIDBILLIES is a new series, from AQUA TEEN HUNGER FORCE co-creator Dave Willis and THE BRAK SHOW co-creator Jim Fortier, which premiere with six new episodes in September. In SQUIDBILLIES, a family of cephalopods stranded in the North Georgia mountains raises hell and anger local officials.

Fond of beer and caught in a world of espionage and love, 12OZ MOUSE unknowingly delights in odd jobs. Six episodes have been ordered. The series of six new episodes, from AQUA TEEN HUNGER FORCE co-creator Matt Maiellaro, premieres in September.

PERFECT HAIR FOREVER, a new series from Williams St., chronicles the adventures of a young, bald boy in a mystical land as he seeks perfect hair. Six episodes of PERFECT HAIR FOREVER will premiere in September.

THE VENTURE BROS. will return with 13 new episodes, currently slated for early 2006 while AQUA TEEN HUNGER FORCE, Adult Swims first original hit series, has been renewed for another season (new episodes air in December), taking it through episode 75.

New pilots in development include:

MORAL OREL Important lessons are learned in this stop-motion series from Dino Stamotopolis, a writer on MR. SHOW and TV FUNHOUSE. The pilot will air in October.

SAUL OF THE MOLE PEOPLE Saul is an American explorer who proudly plants his flag deep inside the Earths core. While there, he encounters the Mole People, who do not understand his ways. Created by Craig Lewis, who has written for such Cartoon Network original series as FOSTERS HOME FOR IMAGINARY FRIENDS and THE GRIM ADVENTURES OF BILLY & MANDY, the show features live actors and costumed characters in a style reminiscent of series like LAND OF THE LOST and THE BANANA SPLITS. The pilot will premiere in October.

LUCY: DAUGHTER OF THE DEVIL Lucy is a young girl who just moved to San Francisco. Her father, who happens to be Satan, is understandably concerned, particularly after she starts dating a guy named Jesus (pronounced in the Spanish manner). LUCY: DAUGHTER OF THE DEVIL, created using CGI animation and set for an October premiere, comes from Loren Bouchard, producer of HOME MOVIES and DR. KATZ: PROFESSIONAL THERAPIST. It stars Jon Benjamin (the voice of Coach McGuirk on HOME MOVIES) as the Devil.

MINORI-TEAM A team of superheroes, composed exclusively of members of minority groups, joins forces to fight against discrimination. Jewcano, Fasto, Dr. Wang, El Jeffe and Quickstop use the power of racial stereotypes to right societal wrongs, one slur at a time. This pilot will air in October and was created by Alex de la Pena, Todd Peters and Peter Gerardi.

New episodes of the Emmy-winning series, FAMILY GUY, from McFarlane will return to Adult Swim in June under a unique agreement between Adult Swim and Fox Broadcasting Co. FOX will air new episodes of the once-canceled series in primetime; later that week, replays will appear during late night on Adult Swim.

TOM GOES TO THE MAYOR, an Adult Swim original series, created by Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim, will return with eight new episodes about provincial thinking and over-exuberant civic pride on April 17.

HARVEY BIRDMAN, ATTORNEY AT LAW returns for a new season on July 24.

Adult Swim (, launched in 2001, is Turner Broadcasting System Inc.s network dedicated to edgy animated comedy and action series, both original and acquired, airing Saturday-Thursday from 11:00 pm-6:00 am. Adult Swim shares channel space with Cartoon Network, seen in 87.6 million U.S. homes.