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FitzRoy Secures New Licensing Deals for U.K. Girls Brand Secret Wings

Press Release from Fitz Roy Media

NEW YORK -- (May 18 2009) -- New York-based Fitz Roy Media, has secured new international licensing deals for leading UK girls' brand SECRET WINGS.

The company has secured a Pan-European deal with E-Max Ensobrados Martorell, S.A.U of Barcelona, Spain to produce a variety of children's paper based collectibles for the property. Brazil's Keterly Cateras Bolsas Limited has signed to produce a variety of stationery products including pencil cases, backpacks, vanity cases, folders, binders, lunch bags and wallets.

"The SECRET WINGS brand is a combination of charm, fantasy and classic 'fairytale' beauty resulting in an enormously appealing brand which translates easily into products that girls will adore whether for school, apparel or accessories. These new deals reflect the brand's continued success in maintaining a strong foothold in the girls marketplace, especially against other heavily promoted brands," said Hamp Hampton, CEO of FitzRoy Media."

Licensees to date for SECRET WINGS include the Asian Business Paper & Printing Group (Philippines) for notebooks and stationery-related products, Great Wall (Philippines) for a hair products, Flexmetal for Mylar Balloons (France, Spain, Italy, and Portugal) Primary Teaching (UK) for school notebooks, and Prosperity Industrial (Asia) for cell phone accessories.

Introduced by Brand Champions in 2004 in the UK and created by designer and Blonde Pilot co-founder, Gail Jeeves, SECRET WINGS continues to achieve highly in its category against established and heavily-promoted competing brands to become a best seller at mass retailer Toys 'R Us. Today, SECRET WINGS is recognized as one of today's industry leading brands of stationery and back-to-school products in the UK.