First Speakers Confirmed for UK CGI Festival

The inaugural UK CGI Festival announced its first speakers participating at the two shows scheduled for Nov. 9-10 in Leeds (at the Royal Amouries Museum) and Dec. 7-8 in London (at the Business Design Centre).

The focus will be on educational and practical approaches to both CGI techniques and technologies. Workshops and masterclasses will be lead by top talent. In addition, award-winning animated films developed in Europe will be showcased, and there will be an expo featuring the latest tools and techniques.

Highlights of the Leeds show will include:* A Keynote presentation on the HELLBOY pipeline by Blair Clark of Tippett Studios* A keynote masterclass on pipeline considerations for the making of crowd scenes in TROY by Gary Bronzenich, CG supervisor with Moving Picture Co.* A masterclass on LightWave 8 for the 3D development and DFX + 4 and Photoshop for compositing a Dragonfly in flight by Ben Smith, director, Red Star Studios* A presentation on Virtual History: Techniques for facial special effects in TV programming by Jim Radford, creative head of 3D, Moving Picture Co. * A games presentation on preparing a next generation art pipeline by Jolyon Webb, Codemasters* A keynote presentation on how to launch 1,000 ships in TROY by Andrew Chapman, Framestore CFC* A keynote masterclass on the making of the Adidas Ad by Alistair Hearson, Glassworks

Highlights of the London show will include:* A keynote masterclass on A SHARKS TALE by Nick Foster, producer, DreamWorks* A presentation on producing VALIANT by Tom Jacomb, producer, Vanguard Animation* A presentation on creating a mythical frozen world for KING ARTHUR by Matt Johnson, Cinesite* A keynote masterclass on HALF-LIFE 2 by a Softimage rep

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