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First Animated Business TV Show to Launch April 10

Minyanville Publishing & Multimedia, a leading financial intelligence community, will launch the first ever animated business television show, HOOFY AND BOO'S NEWS AND VIEWS, on April 10, 2007, at on Hoofy and Boo's News and Views features a topical and timely look at the week's big stories, market conditions and the world we live in.

"Bringing Wall Street's bull and bear to life with HOOFY AND BOO'S NEWS AND VIEWS was a natural progression for us," said Minyanville founder/ceo, Todd Harrison. "Hoofy and Boo offer an entertaining, irreverent and informative look at the stories shaping the markets. What Jon Stewart is to politics, Hoofy and Boo will be to finance."

The show is based on the premise, "What if Wall Street's bull and bear could talk?" and is being produced by Minyanville and LiveSpark animation out of Minneapolis, with Justin Rohrlich and Kevin Depew helming the effort for Minyanville. They report to be utilizing a revolutionary animation production technique, enabling Minyanville to turn out quality animated shows in less than 36 hours, allowing the company to cover fast-breaking news stories "with a wicked wink and a smile."

Rohrlich is a former advertising creative director who has been cited for creativity in advertising by The Cannes Advertising Festival, The One Show, Communication Arts, Luerzer's Archive, The New York Festivals and the Radio Mercury Awards. Depew is exec editor of

"HOOFY AND BOO'S NEWS AND VIEWS offers me the perfect opportunity to combine my experiences in advertising, production, and writing to develop sophisticated and entertaining content in a new and exciting way," said Rohrlich. "Plus, casting a bull and a bear that, first, were fluent in English, and second, knew the ins and outs of the markets, was a challenge I was eager to take on."

Originally created in 2003, Minyanville's multimedia platform is one that blends finance, education and entertainment to help navigate the muddy and turbulent waters of finance. Minyanville ( is creating experiences from piggybanks to investment banks, from the 123s to the 401Ks in an effort to make the world of finance less intimidating and to promote "fiscal fitness."