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First All Female Class of Animators Graduates In Victoria

Computer Master Institute of Technology (CMIT) has announced that, along with its e-Business and New Media Studies Diploma graduates, CMIT's first all female class of Advanced Digital Animation students have completed their studies.

"It's highly unusual to have an all female class in any segment of our training programs and the fact that each of the five young ladies chose Advanced Digital Animation as their major area of study is even more unique" says Ralph Vance, president/ceo of CMIT. "From day one, each of the five young ladies have remained focused on their goals and have done more than necessary to learn and demonstrate expertise in their studies of choice."

CMIT's Digital Animation and Effects Diploma Program is a 40-week program designed to teach students advanced animation skills in a production style atmosphere. All students learn foundations of media design and foundations in digital animation before they become immersed in the advanced portions of their training. Learning and skill development with tools such as Macromedia Flash, Adobe Photoshop and Alias Maya are complimented by instruction and learning at storyboarding, editing, special effects, compositing and animation. All graduates develop a demo reel that showcases their work.

CMIT is an 8-year-old accredited private college that provides industry standard training in new media, digital animation, interactive multimedia, 3D visual effects, media and communications, e-Business and Internet programming technologies. To learn more, visit or call (250) 380-9850.

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