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Firaxis Licenses Netimmerse For Upcoming Game Titles

Maryland-based game development company Firaxis Games has licensed the NetImmerse 3D graphics engine and toolkit from software developer NDL to use on multiple future titles. Firaxis was founded in 1996 by veteran gaming executive Jeff Briggs and designer Sid Meier. The company selected the NetImmerse engine after extensively researching many different options, according to Mike Gibson, director of development for Firaxis. "NetImmerse has been tested in multiple released products, has excellent documentation and support, has a simple interface and gentle learning curve, is portable to multiple platforms, and is written in elegant code that's easy to customize," Gibson says. "NetImmerse provides a strong foundation that allows us to write targeted code for some of the incredible games we have in the works." Firaxis has just released SID MEIER'S CIVILIZATION III (published by Infogrames) and SID MEIER'S SIMGOLF (published by Electronic Arts).