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The Finishing School’s New 3ds Max Crammer Course

London's Finishing School, a digital compositing, effects and 3D animation school, has recently been awarded Discreet training center status. The school will be running its now accredited 4-day 3ds Max Crammer course on May 14 - 17, June 12 - 15, July 10 - 13 and August 7 - 10 2001. Evening courses will also be available on 10 evenings over the course of 10 weeks, June 18 - August 20, 2001. The Finishing School, an Avid-accredited training center, is currently running SoftImage|XSI 201: Essentials Training, the official SoftImage course. This 5-day course provides an overview of SoftImage|XSI as a complete animation package and focuses on the fundamental tools for creating animation with SoftImage|XSI. Course dates are May 21 - 25, June 25 - 29, July 30 - August 3 and September 3 7, 2001. The Finishing School is part of The National Film & Television School. For more information please contact Lucy Field at