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Finish Complete Post On New ITV2 Series No Heroics

Finish have recently finished work on a Tiger Aspect production NO HEROICS for ITV2 in the U.K., the channel's first sitcom.

Directed by Ben Gregor using a single camera, NO HEROICS follows the very real lives of four off-duty superheroes in London, their struggles in love and their bigger struggles with fame -- or lack of it. Based in a superheroes-only Soho pub, the sitcom focuses on their relationships, their sex lives and their constant desperation for success and fame.

The characters each have a super power, be it not a very good one. The Hotness has the power to heat up like a giant car cigarette lighter, Electroclash can control machines with her voice and Timebomb can see up to 60 seconds into the future. She-Force is the third-strongest woman in the world. The superheroes must contend with their nemesis, Excelsor, the most powerful superhero of his generation and the most successful man in tights.

Using Smoke and Flame more than 100 effects shots were created by Finish Flame artists Byron Wooffindin, Jason Watts and Steve Murgatroyd ranging from green screen comps to explosions using both practical elements and CGI.


Title: NO HEROICSLength: 6 x 30 episodesAgency: ITV 2Production Company Tiger AspectDirector: Ben GregorProducer: Drew PearcePost Production Co: FinishProducer: Fi KilroeLead Flame: Byron WooffindinFlame Artists: Jason Watts, Steven Murgatroyd3D Animation: Mark Gregory