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finalShaders for finalRender Stage-1 Released

cebas Computer GmbH has announced the release of finalShaders for finalRender Stage-1. finalShaders is the first of many upcoming finalRender Stage-1 material and shader plug-in collections. finalShaders works with finalRender Stage-1 Service Pack 2a or higher. Owners of finalRender Stage-1 can upgrade to Service Pack 2a for free by sending your serial number to finalRender Stage-1 is available for 3ds max4.X, 5.X and 6.

The materials found in finalShaders include:

* fR X-Ray is a material that can be used to create classic X-Ray imagery or it can be abused to create frosted glass.

* fR 3D-Gradient is a 3D gradient material with full control of the color change in 3D space. This texture is offers millions of material variations.

* fR-Wire is lets you raytrace every material as a wire material including all material effects like Reflection/Refraction and shading.

* fR-WetMaterial allows you to add a thin film of liquid on top of any surface with proper IOR and reflections.

* fR-Wax can be used to create ultra fast wax like materials or human skin effects.

* fR-Volumetric is a volumetric material with correct and proper volume sampling. This material allows the user to create smoke, embedded liquids, enclosures in glass and so on.

* fR-Velvet is used to create realistic satin, velvet materials. The material simulates micro fur with thousands of micro hairs on the surface.

* fR-ThinFilm is used to simulate a thin film layer on top of an objects surface like you see it with oil in water. A few settings and controls handle all the physical aspects that create the realistic spectral rainbow coloring. These are customizable to the viewers position and angle to the light.

* fR-Skin uses a volumetric multiple layer skin approach. The epidermis and deeper dermis can be individually controlled for all the relevant parameters like skin color and light absorption along with the "dryness" or "wetness" of the skin.

* fR-Elevation is a material with unlimited layers of materials were each layer can be independently controlled. For each layer a height and blending value along with other parameters may be defined.

* fR-Electron can be used to create characteristic looking electron microscope images. Metals, plastic and translucent marbles can also be created.

* fR-Distant Fur simulates micro fur or dense hair as seen form a distance. This material simulates the look of a hairy surface by rendering millions of micro structures along with their interaction with the environment. Direction, density and bending, as well as other parameters, can be controlled with this material to create a "wet" or "glued" hairy look of the surface.

* fR-CD allows you to create spectral rainbow colors or opalescent surface properties to recreate the rainbow of colors that appears when a CD-ROM is viewed in various angles.

* fR-CarPaint is a material to create the complex look and feel of a metallic car lacquer. Metal flakes along with anisotropic shading create the photorealistic finish and look of metal lacquer.

For a limited time, every new copy of finalRender Stage-1 for 3ds max 4/5/6 will include a 12 CPU license Pack of finalShaders. For current owners of finalRender Stage-1, several support and service options are available, including free 24/7 online support directly from FinalShaders 6 CPU Pack is $95, 12 CPU Pack $185, 24 CPU Pack $324 and 30 CPU Pack $389. This product is available as an online download only. All sample files and documentation are included in the online download. finalShaders is available from cebas Computer GmbH as at to. It may also be ordered from Turbo Squid at

Founded in January 2000, Turbo Squid is dedicated to the management and distribution of digital assets and other relevant content for 3D and 2D designers and creative professionals. Turbo Squid provides a global market for digital assets by enabling individual and corporate users to list, promote and sell their content to users around the world. In 2003 Turbo Squid was named as the exclusive publisher and worldwide distributor for the Discreet Certified 3ds max Plug-in Program. Turbo Squid is a privately held company with financial backing from Advantage Capital Partners, The Eastman Kodak Company and Intel Capital. More information can be found at

cebas Computer GmbH is a German developer of 3D software for 3ds max and other 3D applications, based near Heidelberg. More info is available at

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