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FilmTecknarna Goes For the Gold

Sweden's Studio FilmTecknarna has just completed two 20-second spots for Triss Instant Ticket Lottery in Sweden. Over the holiday period, Triss will be running their Gold Rush/Guldrushen competition with a top prize of 10 million kronor (approximately US$944,000), an unusually high amount for a Swedish scratch card. FilmTecknarna director Nick Hewitt developed the commercials using Bengt Lindberg's illustrations that are currently featured on the lottery tickets. Triss wanted to capture the style of Tex Avery for the spots, so Hewitt worked with the original Bengt characters and incorporated comic gags and timing. The main character is a moose who, similar to Avery's character Wile E. Coyote, invents elaborate but ultimately futile scenarios to win the jackpot.

Armed with diverse styles and techniques, a knowledge and love of music, smart, subversive wit and a desire to innovate one never knows what to expect from Sweden's Studio FilmTecknarna. Read what Chris Robinson discovered.