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Filmtecknarna Brings Rave Posters To Life In Anti-Drug Ad

Stockholm animation studio Filmtecknarna F. Animation has finished a 30-second animated spot as part of a series of ads for PDFA, the Partnership for a Drug Free America. The 3D/cel animated spot utilizes the graphic style found on rave posters and flyers. The commercial follows a cel animated boy through a computer-generated city where he is attacked by drug-peddling, robot bugs and is only saved by the music from his headphones. Filmtecknarna's director Jonas Odell said, "The challenge was to take graphic ideas from the world of posters and flyers and translate them into animation without loosing the mood and style, to avoid falling into traditional animation styles but rather stay true to the flavor of that kind of graphics. We had to treat the piece almost like a music video, but with a message." The spot was produced for ad agency Merkley Newman Harty in collaboration with New York-based Curious Pictures.

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