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Filmtecknarna Animates For Cartoon Network

Stockholm-based design and animation studio FilmTecknarna Animation has recently completed three spots for Cartoon Network. The studio has produced a number of spots for the Cartoon Network "Shorties" series, including WALLYGATOR, ATOM ANT and JABBERJAW. Directed by Jonas Odell (MY BEST FRIEND PLANK), Jonas Dahlbeck and Boris Nawratil (COURAGE THE COWARDLY DOG) and Nick Hewitt (I´M NOT COMING IN), the 2-minute spots play out as music videos featuring Cartoon Network characters such as COURAGE THE COWARDLY DOG and ED, EDD AND EDDY. The music featured is by Stuart Hill, Craig (Sven) Gordon and Steve Patrick. The spots began airing the weekend of August 23, 2002 and will also be seen on the network in October.

Armed with diverse styles and techniques, a knowledge and love of music, smart, subversive wit and a desire to innovate -- one never knows what to expect from Sweden's Studio