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Film Roman is Stuck in the Middle with SI TV

Film Roman has joined Los Angeles-based Latino production company Sí TV toproduce a half-hour, English language animated pilot entitled STUCK IN THEMIDDLE which is intended for prime time. Written and co-created by Sí TVco-chairman Jeff Valdez, the pilot will feature the vocal talent ofco-creator and executive producer Cheech Marin (comedy team Cheech & Chong;NASH BRIDGES), who also serves on the advisory board of Sí TV. STUCK IN THEMIDDLE is about a twelve-year old whose home life in The Barrio contrastswith his schooling in The Bucks, a nearby wealthy enclave. Expected to makethe transition from production company to cable network in 2000, Sí TV willoffer a 24-hour schedule of primarily original programming, includingfirst-run episodes of the company's programs CAFE OLÉ WITH GISELLEFERNANDEZ and FUNNY IS FUNNY!, as well as classic TV shows, talk-formatstrips, sporting events and award-winning projects by Latino filmmakers.