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Film Roman Sends Anti-Drug Message With The Works

Film Roman Commercials has created a youth-targeted animated television public service announcement for the Partnership for a Drug-Free America (PDFA). The 30-second spot was produced in-house by Film Roman Digital who utilized a combination of Adobe software, including Photoshop, Illustrator and After Effects. The spot, titled "The Works" creatively illustrates how drugs can break down ones body. Targeting 6 to 8 year-olds, it will begin running in pro-bono media in January 2002. Research has shown that, unlike their teen counterparts, younger children have simple and straightforward views on drugs -- they understand all drugs to be bad. The idea for the PSA was to communicate that message in a way that would stick with kids. In "The Works," Film Roman reinforces the idea with a depiction of the human body working as a well-oiled machine. When the machine gets the proper fuel, it works fine, but when drugs enter the system, the machine breaks down. Film Roman is best known for its work on the prime time animated shows THE SIMPSONS and KING OF THE HILL. In 2001, the company launched a dedicated unit for special project production, including commercials, music videos, Internet animation and corporate branding.