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Film Roman Revs Up Commercial Content

Film Roman Inc. has launched a major expansion of its commercial production activities. As a result, Kathee Schneider has been named vice president of creative affairs and the commercial division's executive producer. Joining Schneider as executive creative director will be three-time Emmy-winning director, Eric Radomski. The artists featured on Film Roman's animation Web site, will also be involved with the commercial division. "We are drawing on this vast new pool of talent who create avant-garde work for," said Schneider. "We have built relationships with over a hundred award-winning, hip and off beat animators who are available to do commercial work and will bring an edgier, imaginative look to our commercials." Schneider also stated that the new commercial arm would focus on Internet ad campaigns. "The mass marketing of faster Internet modem connections is happening, and the floodgates now are open to advertising on the Net. Film Roman has created a broadcast-quality, streaming animation on the Web and we intend to do the same for our advertising clients as well," she concluded. Recently, the new commercial division has produced a five-minute branding reel for "Ask Jeeves," one of the Internet's 15 most visited Web sites. "Ask Jeeves" acts as a personal guide through the Internet and provides real-time access to information, products and services.

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