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Film Roman Gets Shagged For Sho Too

Film Roman Commercials and Special Projects division has produced animated opening title sequences, interstitials and several commercials promoting "Night Out On Sho Too," a Wednesday night program block featuring gay-themed movies, original series and specials. The animated spots, which are currently airing on Showtime, bring to life the characters featured in the retro, "tiki-lounge" style paintings by California-based artist Shag. All of the animation was created in-house at Film Roman and directed by animator and Film Roman commercial director Craig Kellman, whose credits include episodes of POWERPUFF GIRLS, SAMURAI JACK and FELIX THE CAT. The animation was created using Flash MX and AfferEffects, incorporating as much traditional animation as possible. For example, Kellman explained the mouths were all hand animated as opposed to using Flash, to give the animation a more organic look. Each spot revolves around a swinging tiki party, where a fashionable group of party-goers, are drinking and flirting and casual bits of conversation can be overheard. Comic timing and the use of actors who gave each individual a unique voice and personality helped bring Shag's stylized characters life. Additional Film Roman production credits include: executive producer Kathee Schneider; director of digital animation Tanya McClure; VP production John Bush; animators Mario Alesce, Steven Fahey and Jay Brockman; and production managers Elaine deMari and Patrick Hazen.