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Film Roman Forms New Visual Effects Division

Film Roman, Inc. continues to expand, this time into the visual effects arena. The company best known for THE SIMPSONS has announced plans to acquire visual effects house VanHook Studios and to form a new visual effects division called Forum Visual Effects, to be based out of Film Roman's North Hollywood studios. Complementing Film Roman Digital, the company's special project production unit, the acquisition will provide Film Roman with the services and technology of VanHook Studios allowing Film Roman to enhance all areas of animation production, including television, commercials, feature films and music videos. Currently, the two companies are working on promos for "Night Out on SHO TOO" for the Showtime Networks. VanHook Studios has done visual effects and post-production for television shows such as ALLY MCBEAL, XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS and HONEY, I SHRUNK THE KIDS. Their feature films credits include work on Disney's MY FAVORITE MARTIAN, THE THIRTEENTH WARRIOR, MISS CONGENIALITY, HART'S WAR and HELLRAISER: HELLSEEKER and the studio is currently creating special effects sequences for Dimension Films' DRACULA: RESURRECTION.