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Film Roman announces two more prime-time series

Adding to the recently announced DOOMSDAY, being co-produced with HowardStern, and TIL THE FAT LADY SINGS, being co-produced with Norman Lear, FilmRoman has announced two more prime-time TV shows that it will be taking tothe marketplace this season. THE CABBISONS takes a hard look at today'ssociety through the eyes of a 1970's sitcom family who are typicallyAmerican--except for living in a cab. The Cabbisons travel through theworld in their cab, picking up fictional characters and celebrity faresalong the way. Film Roman joins forces with creators Jimmy Kimmel (WIN BENSTEIN'S MONEY) and Adam Carolla (radio's LOVE LINES), whose THE MAN SHOW isabout to debut on Comedy Central. THE CABBISONS' first incarnation was onthe Kevin & Bean radio show on KROQ-FM in Los Angeles. DUMONT'S DOUBLEWIDEis an animated half-hour comedy series about a Midwest family living in atrailer park populated by eccentrics. The Dumonts muddle through with smalltown wisdom, talk show solutions and loving family dysfunctionalism. FilmRoman is currently producing THE SIMPSONS and KING OF THE HILL for 20thCentury Fox Television, THE DOWNTOWNERS for Warner Bros. Network, and is inpost-production on JOHNNY TSUNAMI, a live-action movie for The DisneyChannel currently scheduled to air in July.