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'Filly Funtasia' Headed to MIPCOM Showcase

BRB Internacional and Dracco announce the presentation of the new series Filly Funtasia at MIPCOM.

The first episodes of the new animated series Filly Funtasia, based on the best-selling brand Filly from Dracco, will be presented publicly at the upcoming edition of MIP JR and MIPCOM in early October, in Cannes, France. Dracco and BRB Internacional, the distributor of the series on a global level (with the exception of Germany), will unveil the highly anticipated first two adventures of this new animated cartoon sitcom. The series features the popular Filly characters and a marvellous new world full of magic and fantasy. Produced by Screen 21/Black Dragon and created in dynamic 3D hi-def, the series has top-tier scriptwriters from Hollywood. The 26 episodes will be ready for broadcast early next year.

This exciting new series will provide fun-filled entertainment for the entire family. Filly Funtasia (26 x 30’) revolves around the adventures of Rose, a Unicorn Filly who is the newest student at the School of Magic in the kingdom of Funtasia. In attendance are all of the well-known young princes and princesses from all the Filly kingdoms – be they Elves, Fairies, Unicorns, Princesses or Witchys. They have come to the academy to perfect their special styles of magic, to learn how to overcome challenges, and discover how to have loads of fun while going through their teenage years. The story is the work of renowned sitcom scriptwriters Sean Derek (The Smurfs, Sabrina), Noelle Wright (Sofía The First, Doc McStuffins), Dean Stefan (Penguins of Madagascar, Smurfs ), Jymn Magon (Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures, Casper) and Phil Harnage (Hello Kitty, Strawberry Shortcake).

The Funtasia television series constitutes the latest step in the successful march of the Filly brand across multiple platforms around the world. Present in over 50 countries, the tremendous success of the brand is supported by special partners such as master toy licensee Simba Dickie Group. With this newest evolution, Filly will occupy a very prestigious place in the area of New Technologies and licensing. BRB Internacional distributes the series Filly Funtasia throughout the world, except in Germany, and manages the rights to the Filly brand in Spain and Portugal. Draccomanages the television series in Germany and the Filly license throughout the world except on the Iberian peninsula.

Source: BRB Internacional

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