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Filipino Animation Industry Provides Jobs For The People

In accordance with the Philippines growing Cyber Services Corridor, Filipino president Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, during a roundtable discussion, applauded the Filipino animators for their talents and creativity, which, she said has made the animation industry in the country boom.

Arroyo cited THE INCREDIBLES as her favorite film, because it was partly made in the Philippines and one of its main characters Violet was designed by Filipina 3D animator Virginia "Gini" Cruz.

The chief executive was surprised and felt proud when told by Grace Dimaranan, president of the Animation Council of the Philippines that its animators were behind such TV programs and animated films like FINDING NEMO, SCOOBY DOO, TOM AND JERRY, THE ADAMS FAMILY, HOODWINKED, THE MASK, CAPTAIN PLANET and THE JETSONS.

Over its 20-year history, the Filipino animation industry reportedly has employed 4,500 full-time employees in 40 animation studios, and its estimated revenues reached up to $54 million last year.

Arroyo believes that competitive salaries in animation provide attractive employment opportunity to Filipinos who are have artistic visuals and imagination.

Filipino animators work on project ranging from 2D and 3D, interactive gaming, medical animation, visualization and e-learning courses.

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