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The February Issue Of Animation World Magazine Is Coming Next Week!

This month we take a look at one area of animation that has been showing enormous and steady growth. With game development on the rise and the emergence of new platforms, the gaming industry is rich with possibilities - not only economic but also artistic. Jacquie Kubin tells us why gaming is bigger than ever and how animators can bank on it in the future. Paul Younghusband discovers why Artworld UK is one of the leading, innovative gaming companies using digital images across several mediums for both continuity and profits. Plus, we are also going to look at the future of gaming: What are games going to look like in the distant future? You may not even recognize them. We also have a very special interview with voice actor and director Charlie Adler, conducted by the always entertaining Will Ryan. So, sit down with one of the hardest working actors and directors in Hollywood today. In the Student Corner, Glenn Vilppu returns to discuss the next step in expanding your landscape sketching skills. Gregory Singer will profile eKids, the latest player to tackle the sensitive Internet kids' market. Fred Patten returns with his new anime picks, as well as Maureen Furniss with her short film reviews. And don't forget to find out what the Animation Pimp has to rant about this month. Also, get ready to take an indepth look at messiah, animation's latest software darling and hear what AWN associate editor Rick DeMott has to say about the latest book on animation scriptwriting.

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