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Fathom Studios Lands Creative Rep for Delgo

Atlanta-based Fathom Studios has signed with new management/production group Key Creatives to represent the animation house's services and to sell worldwide rights to its first CGI feature, DELGO, reports VARIETY.

"The timing for an independently produced CG feature couldn't be better. The filmmakers sought and secured their own funding, created and wrote their own story, built their own studio and made the picture happen," said Key Creatives' Ken Kamins.

The family action-adventure film, which is still in production, chronicles trouble youth Delgo and his friends as they set out to united two divided civilizations. The all-star voice cast features Freddie Prinze Jr., Jennifer Love Hewitt, Anne Bancroft, Val Kilmer, Chris Kattan, Kelly Ripa, Eric Idle, Michael Clarke Duncan, Malcolm McDowell, Burt Reynolds and Lou Gossett Jr.

The film is being financed by private equity and was produced and co-directed by Fathom's Marc Adler with Jason Maurer, who wrote the screenplay with Scott Biear, Patrick Cowan, Carl Dream and Jennifer Jones.

Fathom Studios, a division of interactive firm Macquarium Intelligent Communications, develops original content for TV, film and the Internet. For more information, visit

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