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Farscape PC Game Ships

Simon & Schuster Interactive, in association with Jim Henson Interactive, a division of The Jim Henson Company, announced that their anticipated PC release FARSCAPE: THE GAME has shipped. Based on the hit Sci-Fi Channel show, and featuring voices of the cast members, the PC release of FARSCAPE: THE GAME will be available at retailers August 17, 2002. FARSCAPE: THE GAME is a 3D action game that incorporates CG models and sound effects taken from the series. In addition to the game arriving at retail,, the official Website of the game has launched. Following the plot of the series, the game features American astronaut John Crichton lost in a distant corner of space. In the game, Crichton's ship "Moya" is attacked and boarded by a Peacekeeper strike force while in orbit around a desert planet. Though several of Crichtons friends are still trapped aboard the occupied ship, he escapes with the alien Chiana to a mysterious and desolate landscape. Crichton and Chiana then face hostile aliens as they try to reunite their crew and free Moya. Game players control a team of up to three characters at a time and characters not under the players direct control will act intelligently by defending the player and behaving according to their personalities. However, unlike other squad-based games, the FARSCAPE characters are prone to independent actions and the player must manage the team members strategically, switching control from character to character as new situations arise. FARSCAPE is rated T for Teen by the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) and is available for a suggested retail price of US$39.99.