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Family Guy iPhone App Released

Press Release from FOX Mobile Entertainment

FOX Mobile Entertainment (FME) today announced the launch of the Freakin' Sweet Family Guy iPhone application, which gives fans of the popular FOX show the chance to view up to 20 show clips and create custom video mixes. The application also includes special features, such as "Stewie Pin-up" and "Peter Toss," which allow fans to have some fun with the show's popular cast of characters. The application utilizes Apple's 3.0 OS for the iPhone and enables fans to instantly purchase full episodes of FAMILY GUY through an embedded link to iTunes.

The Freakin' Sweet Family Guy iPhone application offers access to 20 video clips at any given time that allow fans to enjoy a wide variety of classic moments from past FAMILY GUY episodes. The application also features a video mixer, which enables users to create their own custom FAMILY GUY video montages. Users can share their original montages with friends and other fans via email or online at, and can also post them to personal pages on various social networks.

"We are excited to work with Apple to give Family Guy fans another great way to interact with this hilarious show and its characters," said Andrew Stalbow, senior vice president of Fox Mobile Entertainment. "With the addition of this application, there's no doubt that the iPhone just got a lot funnier, and we are proud to make 'Family Guy' our first, self-published, commercial app for the iPhone."

Prominent features of the new "Family Guy" iPhone application include:

Video ChannelsFour different video channels -- Best of Stewie, Brian's World, Peter's Life Lessons, and World According to Chris -- each offering five classic Family Guy clips from previous seasons.

Video MixerUsers can build their own short video mixes by dragging individual clips and favorite quotes from the show into a timeline in the Mixer. Mixes can be shared with other users of the application or with online viewers at

Fox Mobile teamed with Rhythm NewMedia, a leader in developing and monetizing ad-supported mobile video applications, to create and serve the Family Guy app to iPhone and iPod touch users.

The Freakin' Sweet Family Guy iPhone application is now available for purchase through the iTunes App Store for $1.99. The app is further supported by limited, interactive, pre-roll video advertising.

For more information and a complete list of application features, visit or