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Family Guy Hits DVD

Redefining fractured fun, Seth MacFarlane's impossibly twisted FAMILY GUY series is out in a four-disc collection containing all 28 episodes from the first and second seasons (1999-2000) aired in primetime on FOX. FAMILY GUY VOLUME ONE DVD COLLECTION from Fox Home video (suggested $49.98), includes commentary by exec. producer/creator MacFarlane and other cast and crew on eight episodes. Enjoy the exploits of the Griffin family, lead by the patriarch, Peter, who always says what's on his mind. His diaper-bound baby Stewie is sadistically bent on destroying the world while the smooth-talking family dog, Brian, calmly puffs on his cigarettes amidst the calamity, contemplating the proper amount of vermouth to go into a martini. Wife Lois and the other two kids, Chris and Meg, complete the dysfunctional family.