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Fake Love Teams with Aerosyn-Lex Mestrovic on ‘Scriptura Vitae’ Short

Creative company Fake Love collaborates with New York-based artist and filmmaker Aerosyn-Lex Mestrovic for his directorial debut, Scriptura Vitae, a short film commissioned for the UK’s Channel 4 "Random Acts" segments.

New York-based artist and filmmaker Aerosyn-Lex Mestrovic made his directorial debut with Scriptura Vitae, a short film commissioned by Protein for Channel 4 in the UK and their "Random Acts" programming.

The film stars Japanese actress Miho Nikaido and Butoh performer Maki Shinagawa, and was co-directed by Shane Annas. The beautifully shot black-and-white visuals are supported by original music by Diplo as well as tracks by London-based producer Actress and electronic duo Plaitum.

Creative company Fake Love collaborated closely with Mestrovic to help create the short film. Sharing the artist’s affinity for a dark and moody aesthetic, Fake Love produced spellbinding visual effects and motion graphics for the film, while also co-directing the film’s complex shoot and co-producing the entire project.

The film offers a poetic performance piece exploring life’s duality through two entrancing characters, played by acclaimed Japanese actress Miho Nikaido and Butoh performer and dancer Maki Shinagawa. Through a blend of vivid calligraphy, performance, dance, and music, Scriptura Vitae tells a haunting and ultimately tragic tale of the multi-faceted experience that defines each life.         

Source: Fake Love

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