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Fake Documentary About Real/Fake Tropic Thunder On iTunes

DreamWorks Pictures is offering an original documentary RAIN OF MADNESS, for download exclusively on the iTunes Store (

RAIN OF MADNESS, starring Jay Baruchel, Jack Black, Steve Coogan, Robert Downey Jr., Bill Hader, Nick Nolte and Ben Stiller is a companion piece to the hit comedy TROPIC THUNDER, currently in theaters, and serves as a documentary of the making-of the feature film. It was shot on location in Hawaii, at the same locations used in the feature film, and details the demise of the fictitious cast and crew of TROPIC THUNDER, as they struggle to finish shooting their film despite numerous shooting, budgeting and casting problems.

"We wanted to do a fake documentary about the making of the movie within the movie which is called TROPIC THUNDER -- not the actual movie TROPIC THUNDER. The fake documentary focuses on the real movie's fake director, and what happens to the fake cast before they go into the real jungle. It's pretty straightforward," says Ben Stiller, one of the stars of the documentary and the director/star/producer and co-writer of TROPIC THUNDER.

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