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Factory VFX Completes Effects for 'Sea of Monsters'

Factory VFX completes visual effects work for the upcoming 20th Century Fox feature, Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters.


NEW ORLEANS -- Factory VFX has completed visual effects work for the upcoming 20th Century Fox feature, Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters.  The family adventure is set for theatrical release on August 7 and was partially filmed in New Orleans, allowing Fox Studios to take advantage of the Louisiana Film Tax Incentive program.

"Fox Studios has been a big supporter of Louisiana Film Production, and they are a real joy to work with,” says visual effects supervisor Eric Christensen. “We have been very fortunate to be able to offer our services in Louisiana under the incentive program that has saved Fox on two recent projects: Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters as well as Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. We’ve found that many of the productions filming in Louisiana still prefer going out of the state for their postproduction work. We continue to do what we can to change that thinking. If artistically the talent is there, which it is, as well as the savings, it would seem a simple solution. The problem is there needs to be more awareness of the collection of visual effects companies now serving the region. We would like to help keep talented artists and steady jobs in the United States, Louisiana in particular, which offers a great film tax incentive program to do just that.”

Factory VFX has a studio in Northern California. Visual effects created for Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters, came out the New Orleans studio.

"With today's economy, every job that stays in the U.S. is a bonus for us all," adds Christal Wolgamott, executive producer for Factory VFX.

Source: Factory VFX

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