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face2face Animation Unveils Wireless MPEG-4 Animation Player At Siggraph

Animation software developer face2face animation will be at SIGGRAPH to demonstrate its new streaming MPEG-4 animation player, the face2face Player. The face2face Player enables animators to output streaming facial characters over any wireless network or device, including laptops, digital cell phones and wireless PDAs. face2face has announced that its demonstration of the Player will be on a laptop with a wireless cellular modem, streaming high-quality facial animation with perfect lip sync. "This is the era of everyday animation. As demand for animated content increases, content providers and wireless carriers need solutions that will satisfy existing networks," said Dr. Eric Petajan, founder and chief scientist of face2face animation. "The face2face MPEG-4 system requires no animation expertise in order to drive high-quality facial motion-capture, which enables wireless animation on any mobile network today." According to the creators, the face2face Player can stream a simple animated face, including background images and audio, over a connection as low as 14.4 kilobits per second (kb/s). While using the face2face MPEG-4 authoring tools for Softimage, 3ds Max or Maya, face models can be animated from regular digital video capture, or created from a single still image of a face. "Producing high-quality, low-cost animation that can be automatically rendered in multiple languages requires specialized tools, and face2face has the leading technology for animating faces, which is traditionally the most difficult task for an animator," said Nestor Correa, the creative director for the visual effects house Thirty Frames. "We have created a pilot for a Spanish animated talk show using face2face's MPEG-4 software, and have found it ideal for repurposing on the Web. This enables content to be truly delivered on any device." face2face animation, inc., based in Summit, New Jersey, was founded in 2000, as a Lucent Technologies venture, capitalizing on core technologies that were developed by Eric Petajan at Bell Labs. For more information, visit their Website at