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Fabric Engine Speeds Workflows

The recently-launched Creation Platform framework from Fabric Engine shows off its server-side rendering capabilities.

This past August, the Montreal-based Fabric Engine team launched the private beta of its Creation Platform framework, which gives companies and production studios a means for creating compute-intensive applications in-house using Java or Python instead of the more typical and more costly C++.

Since then, the Fabric Engine team has been building a number of proof-of-concept applications to show off just what Creation Platform is capable of creating.

This video shows off ultra high resolution images (3D film images, architectural images and GIS images) being rendered on servers and displayed and manipulated in browsers. What's more, multiple users can interact with the images and annotate on them at the same time:

With a solution like this, distributed teams and companies across industries could now more easily review and approve assets remotely, allowing large assets to be viewed without needing to transfer data such as large architecture models, engineering designs or 3D scenes. This could have implications in 3D production environments, as well as for websites that want interactive viewing of their products such as car manufacturers, housing companies, consumer products, and more.

Source: Fabric Engine

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